anthonybonello The first turn is always the hardest. And much like that jump turn, making change in our lives takes commitment. @_greghill_ has spent the last two years exploring how to adventure in a more sustainable way, buying a small electric car with a limited range and taking it all the places where adventure beckons as he climbs 100 peaks to prove EVs are not a gimmick. No helicopters, snowmobiles or flights to the exotic ranges of the world. Just electric powered approach he’s in his own backyard. After spending the last week with Greg skiing, chatting while waiting for a charge and documenting what it looks like to make a change, the hassle of charging and packing 2 guys and gear into a hatchback paid off when we got to ski a Rockies Classic, the Skyladder on Andromeda. Like the changes Greg is making, it wasn’t easy, but once we dropped in it wasn’t so bad and man was it worth it. Look for the film this Fall. @Salomon @Arcteryx @suunto @goretexeu #electricadventures #doright #timetoplay

May 29, 2019 11:19 PM 0